How To Setup Website Using AIOP

All In One Profits

Heads up! We are going to create and  setup  a Website using All In One Profit Tools.

This is a long post, so take your time to read it carefully and if necessary come back several times.

In creating a website you will need two things your custom Domain Name( Hosting Account. Signup to AIOP for hosting account and for your domain.

First of All you may wondering why I used AIOP(All in one profits) in hosting my website?Because  AIOP has a lot of Web  tools to be can use . The AIOP Hosting product is just one of the Web Tools that make AIOP such a valued program. Web Hosting itself would cost upwards of $90 a year if purchased separately, with the other tools that AIOP provides, we have an incredible set of Web Tools for the small cost of the program. AIOP is also a referral program that lets you earn while you learn. AIOP has a step by step tutorial for everything of their products.

To set up web site, we are going to use a WordPress platform. This will allow you to set up website without knowing anything about HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, or any other initials you can think of. It is very easy to install.We will be using  WordPress software that installed on your own site.

Take note:There are two versions of  WordPress. First is is a free blogging site and second is the WordPress software this is what we are going to use.

You may wonder why do you need Hosting but there are several reasons,one of this reason is if you want to apply for google adsense and want to get approved you should have hosting account. Making a website don’t need to have technical requirement, it’s easy to follow  and is not that hard to learn and these instructions are intended to relieve that concern.

AIOP  provides Cloud Linux hosting  at no supplimentary costs for the Cloud option that is included in your hosting account by default. Usually, the Cloud option is charged at various costs by other host providers.  The Cloud feature ensures that if an issue occurs on any of the members hosting accounts, will isolate that account and will not affect all the others.

To setup your Domain I recommend purchasing it from because Godaddy has always provided excellent service. Their 24/7 phone support is outstanding.You will need to setup an account with them.The domain can cost you about $12 or $14 per year and they also give a discount for $2-$5 in your first year. Since you can host that domain on your AIOP Hosting account, that will be the only additional expense you have.


Login to click Domain tab and click the Domain Name Search Tab ,type the domain name of your choice into the box where it says “search for a new domain” to see if that name is available. Once you have seen that your chosen domain name is available, click “Continue to Registration.” Click “no thanks” to all the extras they want to offer you, choose whether you want to register your domain for 1 year or more (the default is 5 years, you will need to select other times from the drop down box.) Proceed through the remaining pages without selecting any of the extras, then proceed to the checkout and pay for your domain. You do not need to do anything else with it just yet.


To setup your hosting account you must first register to AIOP and upgrade(AIOP membership fee cost $11.5/month),  once registered login to your back office, go to “Tool Box”tab and click “Products”.

Then scroll down and click “Click here to request your hosting account” tab.

After you have submitted your information, you will see something that says, “you need to register your domain before requesting your hosting account”. 

Paste your domain  in the AIOP box right after the http:// and then clicked the “Click here to request your hosting account.”

At this point you have to go to your Godaddy back office to set the nameserver as instructed. Open your godaddy account or the account you purchased your domain from.Click on “Manage My Domains”

Click on your domain,scroll down and click managed DNS

Choose “custom “ in your name server type.

Fill in the name servers that AIOP gave you when you requested the Hosting Account.


Once your AIOP Hosting account is set up, you can create all kinds of different pages on it. You have 500 MB of Disk space in your account and that is enough space for many, many webpages, images, pdf’s that you might wish to load. You would most likely only need more space than that if you were to try to load videos and music on it.


It normally takes up to 24 hours for the nameservers to connect with your account. Wait a little while be and patient , then try to log in to your cpanel using the cPanel link that was provided in the email received when you requested the hosting account.


Enter your user name that you received in the email from AIOP and your password



Setting up WordPress via Cpanel

Now in cpanel,  scroll down to where it says : “Softaculous Apps Installer “Softaculous   allows the  installation for over 320 scripts and  automatically updates the scripts installed and other things ..

Look for Softaculous Apps Installer then choose  WordPress .

In the the side panel you will see a whole range of scripts you can install.

Go for WordPress, and click on “Install.”  On the installation screen,  you will  see a number of  boxes to fill in.

For  the box Choose Domain you will see the option to choose from  and

For the box In Directory  If you see there  “wp” remove that,  and  LET  THE  BOX EMPTY!

“Site Settings”  you may choose now or change later the site name and the description working on your wp installed webiste.

At “Site Settings”, for “Site Name”  choose a name for your website, usually the best is to be the same as you domain name. Which means you should choose  your domain wisely  to reflect  the Internet  Marketing  niche or the offer you want to promote.

But as well may be your own name. Choosing the domain name same as your name, may be beneficial because you may add at a later time, subdomains to reflect the niche or the topic for your offers while will branding  yourself which is very important to build the trust in online marketing.

“Admin Account”

Choose an admin Username (something other than “admin,” because that is way too
easy for potential hackers to guess) and Password, and an admin email address you will use further to retrieve your WordPres log in credentials in case you forget them,
or to communicate with subscribers, or  for anything you may need.

If you choose an email from your make sure you don`t forget to create that email address.