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38 Cent per Day Retirement Plan

We’ll Help You Get 3+ Paying Members In Your Downline!!!

Then We Will Do The Same For Those Members!

Join US at New Concepts AIOP Team

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Learn how to make your own website, Autoresponder,Capture Page,Trackers, Rotator and step by step training guide.

AIOP Is Your All-In-One Solution To Achieve Success

With a Simple, Realistic,  Affordable and Lucrative combination of


Build, Learn while you Earn 100% commission and UNLIMITED Residual Income


This Is Your Very Own Real Business!

No other opportunity or compensation plan even compares to the All In One Profits  pay plan !

AIOP is the Extra Revenue Generating Service you need but never knew existed.

So, what makes AIOP so special? It is unique and works for everybody!

Works  for ANY  Home  business,Ad AIOP to your business portfolio,Expand your primary business.Start a new business !

All In One Profits is the only company combining:
  • Our innovative “Even up®” system
  • The most lucrative compensation plan in this industry…bar none!
  • Affordable : $10 monthly for Basic membership
  • $10 for each referral in your downline
  • 100% payout Basic level
  • Break even with your first referral ( One single referral will set you free )
  • Unlimited income $1000, $5000, $10,000…as much as you want
  • A business in itself, offering All the web tools every online marketer needs to build ANY business
  • A system that is affordable, profitable and works immediately
  • A Business Center,  including  autoresponder and web hosting services designed to help you build   ANY business you want
  • We made it possible, no matter how your marketing skills are!
  • A legitimate business for regular people that doesn’t cost hundreds to get into.
  • AIOP advertising and expanding advertising network.
Our proprietary  ” Even up®  ” formula WORKS!
It is all about MULTIPLYING TO INFINITY wide and deep! Not with1, 2, or 4 but… x INFINITY ! The potential is HUGE !
Our proprietary Even-up® system is Better than any other matrix, straight line, 2up, 3 up, 4 up or any up system.
While a 2up, 4 up or 5-6up system is limited at  2 or 4 or 5-6  number of referrals you can receive from each member in your downline/powerline, our Even up® system is passing to you ALL the even referrals from   ALL your downline, down to infinity.
Even if it looks like you pass too many referrals to your sponsor it is not so, you pass ONLY the  even referrals across the WIDTH.
But think: YOU, as SPONSOR, will receive ALL the Even referrals passed to you by your  DEEP downline.
And ALL your direct fixed referrals will start a new downline  for you that will pass up ALL the Even  to you.



  • You pass up all EVEN referrals. You keep all your UNEVEN (Odd) referrals.
  • The #2, #4, #6, #8 …. will be passed up to your upline. You will keep the #1, #3 , #5, #7 …. ALL the Uneven (Odd) referrals. We call them also, fixed referrals.
  • You will be paid $10 commission residual income, for each Uneven(fixed) upgraded referral you will introduce to the program

The Magic begins when YOU ARE THE SPONSOR and you keep all the Odd referrals yourself:

  • You keep all the Uneven (odd) referrals sponsored by you, they are fixed referrals to you.Each fixed referral will start a NEW line for YOU. Just imagine ! An infinite number of downlines  working for YOU !
  • Your fixed referrals will pass to you ALL their Even referrals. Number 2,4,6,8,…to infinity..
  • Every  Even referral passed to you will also pass to you ALL his Even referrals , number 2,4,6,8…to infinity
  • Starting with your fixed referrals and growing with ALL the Even(Odd)  referrals passed to you, they all will build your downline  (also called powerline, no   matter how   we  call it,  is YOUR LINE).
  • The number of your lines is UNLIMITED. You will have as many fixed referrals as you have as many downlines you will have. Each line will keep growing down to infinity because:
  • Every #2, #4, #6, #8 …. referral of ALL the people in your downline will be passed up to YOU and  we will pay you $10 residual income for each upgraded member in your downline.

Is our compensation plan a MLM as you know it ? No. Is not a MLM as is you know it by MLM definition,
it is not a matrix, binary or pyramid. Nothing like that.
AIOP compensation plan was developed strategic as an opportunity for our partners to resell our products, earn an affiliate commission without depending on someone else`s sales, which explains the potential of infinite sales in width.
We also created the system to give you the chance to build a sales team.
When you make a sale as odd number you earn a recurring commission.
When you make a sale as even number that goes to your sponsor only.
When you receive a pass up sale, that new affiliate has no other further connection with his sponsor. Is only connected to you. Not to the his sponsor, not to your sponsor.
You earn the affiliate commission from the even up passed up to you.
No matter who is passing up to you from your sales team, all the sales will be always coded to you, creating a one tier big level that goes to infinty due to reverse multplying lines.
Simply said, a sale is not creating commission on multi levels.

All In One Profits compensation plan has 2 lucrative levels:  BASIC and PRO

Basic membership :

  • Cost $10 each month (+$1.5 processing fee) for professional web hosting and autoresponder, plus other great tools.
  • $10 per BASIC member in your downline
  • 100% commission payout from your level of membership
  • $10 per PRO referral in your downline
  • Break even with your first referral (membership cost is covered)
  • Unlimited  number of referrals in depth and width
  • Unlimited income
  • Daily/hourly  payouts

If your membership is Basic level:

  • * For each of your uneven (1, 3, 5…) BASIC level referral  we pay you  $10.00 commission.
  • * Every even (2, 4 ,6…) BASIC level referral  they get will be passed up to you and you will be paid  $10.00 for each.
  • * Every even (2, 4 ,6…) BASIC level referral of your passed up referrals will also be passed up to you and you will be paid  $10.00 for each
  • * All BASIC level members in your downline, either referred by you or passed up to you, make  you $10.00 and send their even referrals up to you.
  • * For more info please watch our Basic level COMPENSATION PLAN Video
  • * For the PRO level referrals in your downline we pay you 100% commission on your membership value, $10.

 Pro membership :

  • All the benefits of the basic level
  • Cost $20 each month (+ $1.76 processing fee)
  • $15 per Pro member in your downline
  • $3 Pro Sponsor bonus for each Pro member sponsored by you
  • $10 for each Basic member in your downline
  • The $3 Pro Sponsor bonus is paid to the sponsor even the referral is passed to upline
  • The $3 Pro Sponsor bonus is paid only to Pro members who sponsor pro members
  • Pro Level includes all the Basic level products and services, plus the PRO level products.  Please visit theAIOP Products page to see the offer  for each  level.

If your membership is PRO level:

  • * For each of your uneven (1, 3, 5…) PRO referral  we pay you  $15.00 commission.
  • * Every even (2, 4 ,6…)  PRO referral they get will be passed up to you and you will be paid  $15.00 for each.
  • * Every even (2, 4 ,6…) PRO referral of your passed up PRO referrals  will be also passed up to you and you will be paid  $15.00 for each
  • * All PRO level members in your downline, either referred by you or passed up to you, make you $15.00 and send their even referrals up to you.
  • * For each PRO level member sponsored by you, we pay a one time Fast Start Pro sponsor bonus of $3
  • The Bonus is paid always to the sponsor NOT to the upline.
  • * For each  BASIC level member in your downline sponsored by you or passed to you we pay you $10 commission.


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