Guide to Advertise Your Online Business

Making money online is not rocket science – it’s all about marketing

But the good thing about online marketing is that you don’t have to keep on advertising to earn.

The first 3-10 referrals you bring in may take a lot of effort and commitment, but once you passed that stage, it’ll become a lot easier as your team start to duplicate your effort and build this team for you.

And once you have a team, making money online is super easy as 99% of the online programs require you to have a team.

Guide to Advertise Your Online Business

1.Have an excel sheet with a list of safelist login url, login info.

2.Do the advertising every Monday-Friday for around 1-2 hours a day.And on Saturday,Try to research online to find more places to advertise and add them to you list.

3.Tried to separate the work evenly over the 5 day period so You don’t have to work extra hard on one day and then nothing for the rest of the week.

Once you do it daily, soon enough you’ll have more active referrals joining your team.

If you don’t like safelists, there are other ways to advertise such as Facebook, Youtube, search engine, forum….etc.

You just have to try them all to find out what works for you.

Remember, persistence is the key to winning. Don’t work super hard for a day or 2 and give up when you don’t see any result. Just do a little bit daily and eventually you will see result.

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