Leads, Leads, Leads!

Consists of the name and email addresses of Internet users who have specifically agreed to receive emails from other members on this list. It is basically a community of Internet marketers who have joined to profit from one another by mutually exchanging marketing messages.

A membership site which allows members to send email ads to one another. This means that you are able to email an advertisement to the entire membership of a safe list and in exchange you agree to receive email ads from other members of the safe list. Safe lists also have other forms of advertising like text ads and banners etc.

Safe lists are credit based mailers, meaning that you can email the amount of members based on how many credits you have in your account. There are 2 ways to get credits, you can buy credits (become an upgraded member) or you can read other members email ads and click on the credit link within the email. This credit link takes you to their site and you get credits added to your safe list account for doing so.

There are many free members, meaning they must spend some of their time visiting your websites in order to earn enough credits to send their own ads. That means you are almost guaranteed traffic, as long as your emails are eye catching and interesting to the other members.

Leads, Leads, Leads!